“Exclusive for You”

‘’It is important to us to find an au pair who matches you and your family. That is why we want to meet and get to know you. Knowing you and your family well makes it that much easier to find the right person. Our ultimate goal is to unburden you and offer you and your family an amazing, unforgettable and valuable experience.’’

Intake and rates

It is important for the course of the au pair relationship to make clear arrangements. That is why we start negotiations with an intake meeting to list all your wishes. That way, every party involved knows where they stand. After all, being a host family for an au pair is not something to be taken lightly. You will have a close relationship with the au pair, which offers many positive opportunities for change. An au pair costs 850 euro per month on average. The entire procedure and costs will be explained during the intake meeting.


We will propose a selection of candidates following the intake meeting. You can choose two candidates to your liking and together we will discuss your choice. If we are in mutual agreement we will arrange Skype meetings for you to meet the selected au pairs. Often there is a definite click with one of the au pairs. In these cases we have a match and AuPair Exclusive will make further arrangements between you and the au pair. We will of course handle all formalities.


The arrival of the au pair signals the start of a wonderful time, which calls for celebration. The agency will pick up the au pair from Schiphol airport and welcome him or her to the country. During a casual meeting all practical matters will be discussed. Afterwards the family will be contacted and we will drop off the au pair at your home. ″It’s beautiful to see both parties finally meeting″, says Jolanda, director of AuPair Exclusive

‘’With our extensive experience we know exactly how to help busy families. Quality, trust and security are what we stand for. We believe in the importance of innovation, to constantly improve and to provide the best service.’’


“We should have brought in an au pair much sooner. It provides so much peace and quality time with the kids.”

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“Regular personal contact with the au pair is important. Give her feedback so she can learn from different situations.’’

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“Make clear arrangements beforehand. That way, all parties know where they stand and everyone can enjoy the relationship.’’ 

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