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An increasing number of young families and active seniors make use of au pairs. Besides supporting the family or caring for the elderly, an au pair offers the opportunity to get in touch with new cultures and languages. It is an amazing experience for everyone involved and a perfect boost for personal development. Keep in mind, however, that being a host family can be intense. Therefore, make sure you find the perfect match.

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Do you have a young family or are you an active senior? Then look no further. We have over 20 years of experience in matching young Dutch families or active seniors to au pairs. We get to know each au pair and family, using methods we developed over the years. If you and AuPair Exclusive click, we guarantee an amazing period, both for you and the au pair. Most importantly, your family will be in good hands.
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Who has the right experience, ambition and personality? We are a highly selective and demanding agency because we feel that is the only way to guarantee positive working relationships. After all, we want to end up with happy families, seniors and au pairs. When selecting our candidates, we look for experience, flexibility and, most importantly, a positive attitude. Following these guidelines, we can quickly identify the true au pair and find the right match for him or her.

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Children and ambitious young people will always be a great combination. The cultural exchange brought in by an au pair is a wonderful experience for everyone involved, guaranteed to be looked back upon with much fondness.

Jolanda de Heiden, director of AuPair Exclusive

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Our family business has worked in au pair mediation with heart and soul for almost 25 years. Besides practical value, an au pair relationship can be a unique and liberating experience for active seniors, parents, children and the au pair. A new dynamic enters the lives of everyone involved as cultures, languages and habits are shared. Many families keep in touch with their former au pairs years after. It is an experience to be remembered with a smile.

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